Windsor, Ontario

When inspiration strikes, you must take advantage – even when no one is around to model for you! Last Friday, while scrolling through my Instagram feed, I felt my creative juices flowing. Instagram makes a weekend hashtag project every Friday, and encourages you to take photos over the weekend that fit the theme. Last Friday’s was #WHPwindy. I had been looking at a lot of experimental portraiture, and having just finished my very first flower crown a few weeks prior – which I had yet to shoot, all of my creative juices were flowing, and I needed to make an image! So here’s what I created…

experimental-self-portrait copy

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Mont Tremblant, Quebec. April 10-13, 2015.

rachellake_tremblant01 rachellake_tremblant05 rachellake_tremblant02 rachellake_tremblant04

I’m in a missing mood; missing summertime, the ocean, exploring… Went looking through my old photos today and came across this, from a wonderful adventure with a wonderful friend last June. Drinking Asahi beers  from vending machines on boats, running through new streets, the wind in our hair, the salt water on our lips. I’m always in the mood for that.

Takamatsu, Japan

I think the only way to get through the sometimes-seemingly-endless-Canadian-winter is to embrace it and all it has to offer. So, tomorrow I’ll head out for a little solo road trip to a weekend winter adventure…

– Rachel